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99 Problems

Love that Jay-Z song. I probably shouldn’t since he uses such a pejorative term for women, but doing what I shouldn’t has gotten me where I am today. It’s tempting, when you feel as embattled as the inhabitants of the … Continue reading

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Red Sky at Night

We’ve all heard the old weather adage: “Red sky at night, sailor’s delight. Red sky at morning, sailor take warning” What about “dew on the grass, rain will not come to pass?” That’s another farmer’s almanac truism. So how come … Continue reading

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By Leah Swanstrom, Guest Blogger This weekend, I spent Friday night with my mom in Baton Rouge. We got up Saturday morning and went for a walk around the City Park Lake. On this walk, we saw 13 guys with … Continue reading

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Down on the Corner

I’ve got to work on my street corner pose. Nobody’s giving me a second look. Not even the bus driver. It could ┬ábe because I’m decked out in my best “teacher casual,” and accessoriziing with a reflective neon backpack, puffy … Continue reading

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