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Thank you, Mr. Powers!

As a nation, we set aside this Monday to honor those men and women who have given their lives in service of our country. Many people have made the ultimate sacrifice to maintain our freedoms that as Americans we enjoy, … Continue reading

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Be Prepared In Advance

No kidding, right? This is the title of an article on The Weather Channel. The sad part is that it’s written by someone who should be knowledgable in the use of the English language. Here’s the link to the article by … Continue reading

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Today it feels like I’m channeling Oscar The Grouch, which makes it doubly hard to write a humorous and uplifting post. The fact that the moment I began this post I  somehow shrunk my screen down 3 sizes and can’t … Continue reading

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If you didn’t get to wear a party hat this weekend, then I am sad for you. Friday, May the Fourth Be With You, provided the best opportunity outside of October to break out those Star Wars costumes. No surprise … Continue reading

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