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Armadillo Season

Bonjour, Ladies, Gents, and non-Centenary athletes! Dr. Spockstrom and I were out enjoying our pre-dawn walk, as usual. Our banal chit-chat was limited, as usual. About half-way through I turned off the flashlight and said: You know, when its not … Continue reading

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OPI’s SiriusXM Radio

Mark calls Channel 16 “THE BLAND.”  Kid #2 says its the depressed version of THE PULSE. Since I’m not really a waitress (would you like some Cajun Shrimp with those fries?) I asked, “WW’OPI’D?” So, here goes: Channel 2:  “Marooned … Continue reading

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You say it’s Your Birthday?

You know how stereotypes exist because there’s a smidgen of truth to them? Dilbert nails them in the business world on a daily basis. Mark is a finance guy through and through. He is probably downstairs right now calculating his ROI … Continue reading

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Augustus Caesar Salad

My husband and kids have been gone to the beach all week, so I had to go to the store to buy some essential groceries. (All of the casseroles Mark made me for the week are gone– almost as if … Continue reading

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