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It’s Never JUST the Dishwasher

A friend brought a pressure washer over to my house to eradicate the moss and mold from the brick patio in my rented backyard. No good deed goes unpunished is my de facto motto, and we soon discovered that not … Continue reading

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What’s In Them Drawers?

For many years, I’ve followed a strict, “Don’t Look” policy in regard to the cabinet drawers in the master bath. This is not because I’m afraid there’d be spiders, or because I’m afraid of self-knowledge. The opposite in fact. I’m a … Continue reading

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Domestic Diva

If you know me, you’re in stitches already. What many may not know is that I’m a Minor Goddess of the Laundry and am a dutiful servant of Our Lady of Perpetual Cleaning. In case anyone is wondering, we prefer that … Continue reading

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Who Are These People?

This is what I wonder every time I travel to a crowded airport, like DFW or ATL– who are these people that are coming and going all over the place? Clogging up the airways. They’re not the people on Pinterest, … Continue reading

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August At Last

This morning the sun stayed hidded behind puffy gray clouds, which meant that the temperature was a balmy 75 degrees. The humidity was approximately 110%, making the heat index a reasonable 98 at 7 am.  Perfect for weeding the flowerbeds. Well, okay. … Continue reading

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Dry Bones

The stars and planets were all aligned this morning, which means that the kids were at grandparents and I got to sleep until I felt like getting up.  So, I started on priming over the black hole I painted on the … Continue reading

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Retirement – Week 1: How I saved about $2,000 on 2 projects

It drives Mark crazy when I say that I “saved money” when actually I spent it.  However, in this case, we really did save money.  Our family needed a full-time manager, so I volunteered.  And, like most of the unpaid workers of … Continue reading

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