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Log Likelihood

A problem from yesterday: Suppose you observe n iid normal variables from the normal density, X ∼ N(µ, σ 2 ), where σ 2 is known. (A) Find the maximum likelihood estimator of the mean µ. L is for likelihood, where L(θ; … Continue reading

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Tales from the Bull-Pen

Nothing as salacious as what goes on in the locker room or the Oval Office, but let’s face it, all my PhD peeps are too busy for that sort of romantic interlude. We’re out searching for the elusive inverse Hessian … Continue reading

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The Second Spider

Today I killed a second spider in my apartment. Undoubtedly the one I killed yesterday was reported AWOL and they sent out a search party. Apprehensive I am about the den of arachnids who is scouting my pad for a potential … Continue reading

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