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I'm currently pursuing a PhD in accounting at LSU. I also write fiction when I can (usually 4 am).


It all started, as it often does, with the talk of change. Accounting changes. Changes in estimates. Changes like inventory obsolescence. It’s a riveting subject that glues students in their chairs. Or maybe that’s gravity. Regardless, it’s a subject up … Continue reading

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Just Because

I wasn’t around when the cold war started. Half of me may or not have been around, depending on whether or not a woman’s ovaries make new eggs after she’s born. How would we know? Science. In this article, scientists … Continue reading

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Words of Wisdom

Out of the mouths of babes, they say.  Last night I was working on my second epiphany of the evening and it unfortunately involved solving 2 equations with multiple unknowns and used summation notation. Lucky for me Babe#1 is majoring … Continue reading

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You Had Me at No

Some people like a challenge. I may or may not be one of them, depending on the challenge. Ben Bell put some musicality to this one, too. You push me away And I come right back. My heart compensates For … Continue reading

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La Louisianne

Need some musicality to go with the whisky and lyrics (and Ben delivers): La Louisianne You taste like rye whisky with a dash of absinthe You talk like a couyon, never making no sense You look like a muddy boot, … Continue reading

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Instant Pot

After spending the fall semester in a literal and metaphorical cave, I emerged to see the Instapot recipes take a commanding lead over POTUS posts on my Facebook feed. You can imagine my disappointment when I discovered that Libertarians had not … Continue reading

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The Two-th

Way back in 2012 my starting goal post count was one a week, which got downgraded to one a month-ish when I started the PhD program. Since August lasted about 90 days this semester, I’m not too far off my … Continue reading

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