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Rural Myths

Most people have probably heard of urban legends; you know, the guy travelling in China wakes up in a bathtub of ice missing a kidney.  Given that half of the country lives in largely rural, “flyover” land, I don’t know that rural myths … Continue reading

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Skipping Melrose

This weekend is the big fundraiser for APHN (Association for Preservation of Historical Natchitoches), locally known as the Hysterical Society.  The nickname dates back to some time last century when (supposedly) some venerable ladies in the society protested the blacktopping of the Front Street … Continue reading

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Made from Scratch!

“Nobody ever got ahead by sleeping in.”  At least that’s what the nagging little voice in my head was saying this morning.  The bigger voice responded “Life isn’t a race, it’s a journey, so go back to sleep you little work … Continue reading

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A blog about nothing

One of the best comedies in the history of television was a show that was ostensibly about nothing.  I am talking about Seinfeld, of course.  A previous blog of mine mentioned goals, so I am thinking a weekly, national column, … Continue reading

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