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The Cookie Quest

After an emotionally draining day, nothing resets my equilibrium as much as being able to spend some quiet time snuggled up with my kids.  I have to enjoy that 90 seconds to the fullest, because that’s about as long as … Continue reading

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I Hate August!

48 days straight with temperatures over 100 degrees (and it was 99.8 the day before that).  No rain.  Back to school traffic.  And, of course, funerals and memories of funerals. I feel like Frodo, stuck on the side of Mt. … Continue reading

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It’s not brain surgery, right?

My anesthesiologist friend wants to replace a fan in her home.  She’s watched some HGTV where they can renovate a kitchen in a 2 hour program and concludes that replacing a fan can’t be harder than brain surgery.  She has … Continue reading

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Words with Friends

While the searing hot weather and limitless federal debt may take up most of the space in my head, nobody wants to hear or read any more about things we are helpless to prevent or control.  Well, I don’t, and since I’m the … Continue reading

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Edge Eaters

For a mere $34.99 you can order an All Edges Brownie pan from Amazon.  My question is not why is it so costly, but who would buy it?  One of the best things about my grownup life is that when I bake … Continue reading

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