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Back to Nature

After I spent about 20 minutes weeding in my front flower beds, I decided to spend some quality time in my hammock. One of my home management duties is an annual stress test to make sure the hammock strings haven’t rotted. Adequate … Continue reading

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It’s a Mystery

Not a Joyful, Luminous, Sorrowful, or Glorious rosarian mystery. Just one of life’s regular conundrums. A cozy mystery. Who are these kids and why are they calling me “MOM?” It doesn’t seem that long ago I was filling out college applications … Continue reading

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Genius Loves Company

How’d I manage to miss this album? Let’s see… in 2003-04…. Bought a house, got married, had a baby. Guess I was busy…. Anyway. Ray Charles was in his early 70’s when he recorded this album. At the rate my joints … Continue reading

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Bon Anniversaire à Moi

I like to say I’m celebrating the x anniversary of my 37th birthday. It’s a tough sell when your younger siblings get older than you. What can I say? I’m practicing for a career in politics– publicly broadcasting bald ass lies … Continue reading

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Intellectual Exercises

We stayed up late watching the Zombie King’s team beat the Michigan Men. Staying up late makes me a little goofy. And now I know that it makes Mark even goofier.  We were playing a variation of the “what if … Continue reading

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Hyper Tropism

Charnel Bailey once told me that if a houseplant grows toward the light it’s called “phototropism.” This must’ve been 25 years ago while we were down at LSU getting our book learning on. I don’t know how I remember that, because I’m not … Continue reading

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