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Raining in My Heart

August. Here we are again. The last week in August. Years of storms and heartbreak. The memories pile up like ruined furniture and moldy refrigerators on sludge-covered sidewalks. Sharing our loss makes the burden almost bearable. We experience moments of … Continue reading

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The ‘Fn’ Key

For the uninformed, ‘Fn’ stands for FUNCTION. But before I delve too far into the ‘Fn’ blog, a few important facts: I hate switching to daylight savings time. I loathe the switch to daylight savings time. I despise leaving standard … Continue reading

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It’s that time of the year again. The temps are above 90 and I need to shower twice a day even if I’ve done nothing more strenuous than check the mail. I’m hoping the fact that I recycle aluminum cans … Continue reading

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Right Place, Right Time (Extended Version)

A cool thing happened to me this afternoon. I got a free large diet cherry-limeade from Sonic ’cause I was their “Customer of the Day.” I don’t know if it was random or because of my mad ordering skills, but … Continue reading

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Hindsight is 20/200

All this scary weather coming through in the middle of the night reminded me of when I was growing up. In my parents’ house the kids’ bedrooms were upstairs. If there was a bad thunderstorm, my mom would come wake us up … Continue reading

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Crying For Me

A year ago tomorrow I woke up early, looking forward to the LSU vs. Alabama game. The crisp fall air made it the perfect day for gumbo and by noon I had nearly passed out from anticipation. This year it’s hot … Continue reading

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Ugly Wins

“Ugly Win.” I heard that a lot this weekend. I guess an ugly win is where instead of the smooth ride you expected, you get a much more difficult battle, but due to outstanding talent, magnanimous turnovers, or sheer good … Continue reading

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