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Bath Time

Me: Bath time, baby. LS: Can I take a bath in your tub? Me: (Distracted by Cheetos and Pinterest posts) Sure. Me: (nearly an hour later. Sweat has dried in my crack. Armpits smell like rotten garbage) You need to get … Continue reading

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Red(d) Fox(x)

Last night Mark and Leah “camped out” in the back yard. This is mostly an excuse to eat s’mores for supper and poptarts for breakfast, but as long as I don’t have to sleep in a tent on the ground, … Continue reading

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Today’s Mission

Today’s mission, should I choose to accept it: re-write my book in 1st person. I wish there was a Bosley around, who’d put the phone on speaker while a disembodied “Charlie” gave me orders.  It’d be better than taking them … Continue reading

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Spin – Mardi Gras Playlist

I’m still fairly new to spin class-  stationary bicycles for the uninitiated.  We’ll be doing alot of jumping and hill levee climbing. A few sprints and surges. Wanted to share the songs for the expats who might be lonesome for home. … Continue reading

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In Praise of Luddites

Ludd·ite noun \ˈlə-ˌdīt\ : one of a group of early 19th century English workmen destroying laborsaving machinery as a protest; broadly   : one who is opposed to especially technological change This post transmogrified before I even got started. It was … Continue reading

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