RWA Nationals Budget Presentation

kitchen sink

Here is the file for the kitchen sink budget.


Kitchen Sink Budget

Thanks for attending the presentation. Please email me at with any questions about how to use the spreadsheet.

2 Responses to RWA Nationals Budget Presentation

  1. Laura,
    Loved your presentation at RWA Nationals. The three of you shared some fantastic information for authors to keep their financial worlds under control.
    Thank you,
    Christine Mazurk

    • Christine,
      Thank you for the visit and the compliment. I feel like my brain had gone on overload after all the information Diane and Donna presented. I felt barely coherent, but glad you got something from it.

      If you need any help with the spreadsheet please let me know. I haven’t added a Health Care Savings plan/medical insurance contribution line yet.

      Thanks again, Laura

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