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The Education of L’il Ole Me

Although I frequently bemoan that my kids didn’t come with an instruction manual, I got to be real. It ain’t like I’d follow the instructions anyway. I’m pretty sure I’d know better than the book. (Heads around the globe are nodding … Continue reading

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Purple Reign

We went to the mall and had our picture taken with Santa. Everybody in this picture has at least one other relative in the picture, proving that family is what you make it. Some genetic traits, like hair color or … Continue reading

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The End of the Line

Sat around visiting with my peeps this afternoon.  We discussed reading the Declaration of Independance, but a fudge-brownie haze dulled our motivation, so we didn’t. Maybe next year. My sister needed to be filled in on all the big news from last … Continue reading

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Hot Dogging It

Yesterday was my day to host the family super-regional get together. More of an open-house than a formal party, people wafted in and out all day. First, we sent the kids outside to play– without lunch. This rather genius idea evolved from years of … Continue reading

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Improbable Drives

Several years ago Greta Van Sustern gave the keynote address at the Ruston Peach Festival. She started a funny story about her trip to New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina with the question: “Does everybody in Louisiana know each other?” We all laughed. … Continue reading

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The Battle of Pleasant Hill

I like to try new things, especially if they require minimal effort and expense on my part.  That is why I found myself attending this afternoon’s re-enactment of the Battle of Pleasant Hill– it was nearby and free.  It has … Continue reading

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