10 Rules for Surviving 2019

I signed up with https://writerswrite.co.za/ and they send me a daily prompt, which I am going to use for my blog. These prompts come at the crack of midnight, so I should be able to do one daily. Yippee!

Here are my 10 rules (in random order) for surviving 2019:

  1. Keep breathing. Yoga breath, dog breath, or dragon breath. Just. Keep. Breathing.


    Not you, Lyle! You keep swimming (YOBO).

  2. Eat (before you leave the house). Food is necessary to living, but everybody knows what happens when you go to the grocery store hungry. Just. Eat. Food.


    Leah can attest to the fact that this is ALMOST true. I will throw in some ice cream & key lime pie, just to get a few more of the essential snack food groups.

  3. Walk around. Get some exercise. Just. Keep. Moving.
    Outfits are Optional. Maybe don’t dress like a slab of bacon if you walk in a neighborhood with lots of dogs.
  4. Follow Hippocrates: First do no harm. Be nice to people, yourself included. Just. Keep. Smiling.hippocrates
  5. Sing a Song. Karen Carpenter, Ray Stephens, KC & the Sunshine Band, Jerry Jeff Walker. Just. Keep. Grooving.singing
  6. Lower back stretches. Trust me on this. If you don’t need to do them now, it won’t be long. Just. Keep. Flexing.
    You’re probably gonna want to vacumn or get a yoga mat or both before doing these.
  7. Have some fun. Laughter’s the best medicine. Find some rib-cracking humor and guffaw until your belly hurts. Just. Keep. Laughing.


    Apparently this Jack Handy dude is a comedian.

  8. Learn something new. It doesn’t have to be a foreign language or salsa dancing. If you can’t think of anything on your own, go to the local library. They’re always having events and speakers (for free). Read the label on the back of a can of soup or bag of chips or a bottle of shampoo and look some of that stuff up. Just. Keep. Learning.


    On 2nd thought, maybe don’t look at the food labels.

  9. Foster an attitude of gratitude. Give thanks every day and you will soon notice how much you have to be grateful for. Just. Be. Thankful.piglet_gratitude_winnie_the_pooh
  10. Join a group. Become a Lauritarian. Our basic tenent is that we don’t need no stinkin’ rules! Make your own list. Just. Be. You.

About Laura Alford, PhD

I'm a recent graduate of LSU (PhD in Accounting). In addition to academic research, I also write fiction on Tuesday nights with the Asilomar Writers.
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