The End of the Beginning

This is my last week of class, marking the end of the Fall, 2014 semester– the first semester of my PhD program.

I ain’t gonna lie, y’all. This is the hardest *^$^&() thing I’ve done of my own volition. The advanced math, calculus proof business is bad enough.

I’m a nerd^2, so I almost understand about 1/2 of this.

The whole reason I became an acCOUNTant was because there isn’t a whole lot of actual math involved once you learn how to do an excel spreadsheet.

I’m not cut out for Economics classes, either. They make ridiculous assumptions– like you can’t spend more than your income. What a crock.

keynessianI do get to read a lot. No strong-shouldered heroes in these riveting accounting articles with titles like these:

The Relevance of the Value-Relevance Literature for Financial Accounting Standard Setting: Another View

The Conservatism Principle and the Asymmetric Timeliness of Earnings

The bright spot of sunshine on this otherwise cloudy landscape is that I’ve made some new friends. We share our gallows humor and I can’t imagine doing this without my cohorts.

I’ve found my left-brained people and am lucky enough to have my writer people on the right. I hope that now this first semester is under my two sizes smaller belt, my brain can be more integrated. Daily writing goals coming soon, but first this hilarious Jeanne Robertson clip:

Jeanne Robertson on her husband, Left-Brain


About oldhwysixwest

I'm currently pursuing a PhD in accounting at LSU. I also write fiction when I can (usually 4 am).
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