The Humpty Hump

My demanding overlords, delightful children expressed their curiousity and concern about my lack of regular posting.

I told them that slave laborers in the spice mines on Kessel have more free time than doctoral students in business.

Then, I had to explain the spice mines on Kessel.

And that got a little awkward because I tend to get that mixed up with thr Dune mythology.

(This is the point in the story where Thing 2 will emphatically declare that this conversation never happened).

And then I say, “who’s telling this story? Me or Oprahs’s fact checker?”

So. I’m busier than everybody else in the world. (It’s true, just ask me.) I’ve offered guest blog privileges to the kids.

Lyles response was that HE is the busiest person in the world and couldn’t possibly. Leah was willing and will no doubt have much to do with setting the record straight.

PAPA is the busiest person in the world!

Part 2.  (While I love the LSU buses in the morning the afternoon is a crap shoot. )

Life is much better now that we’re on the downhill side of the semester. I’m sleeping better and passing my classes. And getting paid just enough to afford my weekly lottery plays.

About Laura Alford, PhD

I'm a recent graduate of LSU (PhD in Accounting). In addition to academic research, I also write fiction on Tuesday nights with the Asilomar Writers.
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2 Responses to The Humpty Hump

  1. Girl I just started reading your blog and it cracks me up. I LOVE IT!

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