Take It to the Limit

I really like my Math for Economists teacher, even though he says the most ridiculous things like, “If you’ll recall.”

memoryYesterday he said, “If you have a modest recollection of basic algebra,” so I think he may be catching on…. In fact, the expression to define my math skills can be written as:

My Math Skills < Sponge Bob working the register at the Krabby Patty < -Epsilon < 0

He also says, “let’s work an easy example,” before filling the entire wall of chalkboards (Area = 4ft X 6ft X 3 boards  NVRMND. Too easy.) with a bunch of symbols in what I can only assume is early Klingon.

The past couple of weeks we’ve been doing something called REAL ANALYSIS. It’s mostly Greek to me, but I can’t prove it.

We are covering limits of sequences and functions. Here’s an “easy example”:

This is funny. And probably a true story.

This is funny. And probably a true story.

After every Theorem, Definition or Proof, our professor will pause and ask (in the nicest Texan accent) if we have any questions. Usually nobody has any. We’re all too busy trying to figure out how to make our car note when we flunk out and have to go work at Lowes.

Anyway. We’re taking it to limit as mid-terms approach.

About Laura Alford, PhD

I'm a recent graduate of LSU (PhD in Accounting). In addition to academic research, I also write fiction on Tuesday nights with the Asilomar Writers.
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