Who Are These People?

This is what I wonder every time I travel to a crowded airport, like DFW or ATL– who are these people that are coming and going all over the place? Clogging up the airways.

They’re not the people on Pinterest, that’s for sure. I love that site, seeing all the industrious projects people complete on an hourly basis motivates me to at least get the laundry done.

I got tired of reading all of the weather forecasts about Isaac and decided to check out Pinterest. Here are a few of my favorite pics:

Simple Fall Centerpiece

This is one that I sincerely like.  I’ve got a wooden bowl, pinecones, a couple of baby pumpkins, a used candle and a hurricane glass thingy somewhere in my fall decorations. This is doable. So doable I may do it, if I can remember in time. In all likelihood, the rounds of Open Houses, football games, and other mom-related duties will push this to the back of my to-do list until some time mid-April. But, looking at this picture makes me happy because it’s something I COULD do and have it turn out nice.

This next picture is still in the realm of doable, but highly unlikely:

4-leaf clovers made out of spinach

Right. You COULD do it, but why? If I fixed a special St. Patrick’s day meal and garnished it with 4-leaf clovers, my family would call the psych unit and have them come pick me and let me try out their special white jacket.

What I want to know is WHO, WHO is making their families special March 17 meals that NEED 4-leaf clover garnishes? Don’t they have something better to do? Like pick up trash on the side of the road or voluteer at a literacy center?

Seriously, this is the sort of thing that makes me a little crazy. I guess if I already had a clover punch from my scrapbooking hobby, this sort of makes sense.

About as much sense as all the recipes I’ve seen this week for zucchini blossoms. Or this next charming little project for your upcoming BBQ social.

For those of you planning a Labor Day cookout, don’t forget to make some individual monogrammed serving containers for the potato chips.

First, cut the tops of the bag with special scissors to give the borders that extra WOW factor your guests are looking for.

Then, using liquid gold leaf, stamp your logo or party theme on the front of the bag. Line them up on a tray and fill with 100 calorie portions.

Because if you don’t, the chips could FALL OFF THE PLATE! Oh, the criminal waste of a fallen chip. For real and for true.

If I were catering someone’s event, I might do something like that, but people who are invited to my house are accustomed to a self-serve buffet.

This post doesn’t even get into the whole “make a cute top out of your husbands old t-shirt” insanity. Like, if I could do that, why would I use an old, stained, stanky shirt?

Now the fact I couldn’t get the text to wrap correctly next to the pictures has made me even more cranky than I was when my pitchfork broke this morning. What’s a girl to do if she can’t weed or blog?

Wait! I know, I saw a great recipe for Crock-Pot lasagna on Pinterest…..

About Laura Alford, PhD

I'm a recent graduate of LSU (PhD in Accounting). In addition to academic research, I also write fiction on Tuesday nights with the Asilomar Writers.
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2 Responses to Who Are These People?

  1. Christy Hayes says:

    You never fail to make me laugh! All those crafty things are for people who need to feel special by making the rest of us feel stupid. I’m all for self-serve and if I’m going to have chips, I don’t give a rats a$$ about calories. If I thought I could get my family to eat spinach by cutting it into shapes, I’d have done so years ago. I, too, look at easy to create centerpieces and think I could also make one with ease, and yet they never get made. Oh, well. I guess we’ve go better things to do!

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