If you didn’t get to wear a party hat this weekend, then I am sad for you. Friday, May the Fourth Be With You, provided the best opportunity outside of October to break out those Star Wars costumes.

No surprise to anyone that Lord Vader is my favorite (I just spent 10 minutes looking for the thumb drive with photos of my spiritual heir wearing Darth’s helmet and I can’t find the darn thing. There’s nothing funnier than a platinum blonde 3 year old running around the house in Pinkalicious pajamas wearing one of these, loudly broadcasting the voice of James Earl Jones.)

But, if you find celebrating the Force beneath you, then Saturday was the day to shine. Girls went Gaga over couture Derby hats and senors sported sombreros. Fashion wasn’t the only tough choice– mint juleps or margeritas? Or both? Aye yi yi!

Hopefully you didn’t pass up the opportunity to howl at this year’s perigee super moon. I’m pretty sure all those people queued up to attend the ultimate redneck experience in Talledega didn’t sit inside all night. We watched the opening ceremonies and several laps before switching over to the golf channel.

Talk about an interesting marketing class project: “Use reverse engineering to see if you can characterize the expected target audience by watching the commercials shown during each event. Compare and contrast.”

Both events bored the heck out of the kids and me, so I went for a walk and they dug up a crawfish chimney, only to discover a hole. After those adventures, we swam, ate brownies and came home. Sometime later, my mom went for a walk and my dad killed this rattlesnake in the road:

Dead Rattlesnake aka “Good Eatin'”

Before the advent of Facebook, we may or may not have ever known about the snake, depending on whether or not we were the 1st or 4th child to check in. Understandingly, the ‘rents can’t always remember who they’ve told what. Most of the time they try to even it out by not telling anybody any damn thing.

But, now they are both on Facebook, so the picture got uploaded. Several comments were up by the time I saw it, one of them being, “Conrad is coming to get it.”

Raise your hand if you think Conrad is going to make a belt?


The former elected official is more famous for his rattlesnake recipes than his political platform. Chef John Folse filmed a segment of his LPB cooking show, “After the Hunt,” at Conrad’s camp, where they barbequed and sauteed some reptile. I’m pretty sure it tastes like chicken.

About Laura Alford, PhD

I'm a recent graduate of LSU (PhD in Accounting). In addition to academic research, I also write fiction on Tuesday nights with the Asilomar Writers.
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2 Responses to Roadkill

  1. Susan Sands says:

    You and I lived in a parallel world this weekend, sort of. Folks lived and died around here by the derby hats (not me–I just giggled), Doug’s buddy played in that golf tournament on the Golf Channel and he went to NC to watch, and I chased a turtle down the road and released it into the wild instead of doing in a rattler. And I do love me some Lord Vader.

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