On this Day in History…

Today is 10-9-11, which reads like an ACT math question: In the sequence 10,9,11,… what comes next? I like answer (d) Not enough information provided to decide. In real life we often have to make decisions based on historic patterns and our best guess as to what happens next. As I get older, jumping in with both feet first has been bumped down a few notches. Wait and see has risen to prominence. I wouldn’t call it “patience,” it’s more like the voice of experience.

It’s the voice that says all things in moderation. What I want to know is how do I give 110%, moderately? How can I get from “ALL or NOTHING” as separate choices to them being end points on a continuum, with optimum somewhere in the middle?

Guess I will have to let you know when I figure it out. Right now, I am focusing all of my resources on finishing my bestselling novel. My self-imposed deadline for words on the pages is November 15. Making goals public is supposed to embarrass people into doing what they said they would. We will see.

So, on this day in history, I gave myself 37 days to get ‘er done. No blogging ’til then. Happy Halloween, All Saints’ Day, All Souls’ Day, and Happy Birthday.








About oldhwysixwest

I'm currently pursuing a PhD in accounting at LSU. I also write fiction when I can (usually 4 am).
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5 Responses to On this Day in History…

  1. Susan Sands says:

    When we were in school, you were the person who spurred me to work harder and achieve to a higher level. I admire your tenacity to get ‘er done. Therefore, having a similar word count and self-imposed deadline, I accept the challenge of November 15. If you need a kick in the pants, let me know.

  2. Laura says:

    Here’s my sign: “Kick Me!”. We can do it. First drafts don’t have to be super they just have to be

  3. Mark says:

    You can do it. When you want something, you cant be stopped

  4. holly says:

    Let me know if you need a reader for your novel

    • Laura says:

      Holly, I do want readers. Gonna get it finished and then do some editing. You want it raw, rough or after first pass editing?

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