If Only I Were Me…

If only I were me, where would I have put it? I find that I am asking myself this question a lot lately. We can’t leave EVERYTHING on top of the counters, so some things must go in drawers, on shelves, or to the files. Things that are important go someplace special… I just can’t remember which hidey hole I designated as special last month or last week.

I sorta have a system. Pile #1 is legal, Pile #2 is writing, Pile #3 is “other important”, and I keep these piles under cover on the roll-top desk. This works okay for stuff I need to keep long-term and be able to find.  Not so much for the stuff I must have for next week, i.e. notarized field trip parental consent forms, thank you Reverend Bishop.

The incoming mail mates with the school paperwork like a pair of fair bunnies. Counters that were clean at 8 am are totally papered by 8 pm. The books on parenting say don’t throw away the kids’ artwork in front of them. Waiting until the artist is not around before disposing of the twelfth potato stamp pumpkin-face your little Van Gogh made this week is fine, unless they decide to throw something away THEMSELVES before the trash goes out. I should start saving now for the therapy bills.

Before you grandmothers start calling, I do keep the Turkey hands and other unique projects in a special drawer upstairs. This house came with a built-in cabinet that has several drawers made especially for… you guessed it… VCR tapes! They also work perfectly for allowing larger works of art to lay flat. We put pictures in there too, because one day we WILL finish the scrapbooks that lie empty in another drawer.

While I dream of the day when my house will be as neat and uncluttered as a magazine photo, I tried to enjoy every sticky moment of these kids growing up. Country songs like, “You’re Gonna Miss This,” remind me to stay connected to the right here and right now. Let go of the small stuff and focus on the big picture; quit trying to be Martha and just enjoy the moment. Right-0! If it was easy, this would be the very last self-help blog.

Have a great week everybody!

About Laura Alford, PhD

I'm a recent graduate of LSU (PhD in Accounting). In addition to academic research, I also write fiction on Tuesday nights with the Asilomar Writers.
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4 Responses to If Only I Were Me…

  1. LC Coon says:

    What’s wrong with keeping your stuff out in the open where you can find it????

    • Other stuff I need gets piled on top of the 1st group of stuff and I can’t find anything. That’s what’s wrong. I feel like Kramer with the mail, too. Stop sending me the same catalog 4 times already, Pottery Barn, Pottery Barn kids, Pottery Barn bed and bath, Pottery Barn teen.

  2. Lyle says:

    ” Home boy” shood be the next then ” all we are” hmmm….. What next?

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