Hold on to Your Good Thang!

Rocking Robin, tweet, tweet, tweet!  So, in addition to starting this blog, I signed up for a Twitter account.  Mostly I did it to see what someone in particular had tweeted, but it turned out to be a case of mistaken identity.  Evidentally that happens more than you would suspect.  Several weeks after I signed up, my younger brother got an account.  I am LCAlford and he is RayRayRedman if you want to join the throngs of people following us.  Well, mostly they are following Ray.  I got a second follower this morning, BelmontRecordShop.  I guessed that  Aarin or some of her people got an account and had added me… WRONG!

Belmont Record Shop is actually someone who follows alot of vocal artists, and some chick named Laura Alford is like a 2-hit wonder from the late 90’s in the UK.   I guess that maybe I got followed by mistake?  Everybody that knows me knows that I wish I could sing like Laura Alford, but I can’t!  Of course, I went to iTunes and bought the accapella version of “Hold On to Your Good Thang.”  I can’t wait for that song with my name to pop up on the radio display… and I kind of like the song.

This weekend I worked on my new “Serenity Now” fountain (the dogs ate the other one–Serenity Now!!)  The front flower beds of my house are difficult to maintain because one side is predominately shade and the other sun.  After the extensive drought, I decided to quit messing around with bedding plants and put in some rocks.  I like rocks and they don’t need water or fertilizer to thrive.  So, 800+ pounds of rocks and several hundred pounds of mulch later, we have a nice, gurgling fountain.  Currently, the electricity is provided by several extension cords snaked around the house.  This weekend, we will work on that particular aspect of the fountain.  We think that if we had the time, we would really enjoy sitting on the front porch in the rocking chairs and listening to the fountain, but our list of projects seems endless.  Plus, I am afraid that if I stop for a even  minute, I will not ever get started again.

Serenity Now!

It’s not easy to hold on to your good thangs.  Houses, relationships, and even pedicures, require constant maintenance and regular attention.  I think that’s why God created the 7th day.  The day of rest.  We need to be sure to take the time from our busy lives to appreciate all of the good things we have.  Work will still be there and we can pick it up tomorrow.  Summer time is coming.  Time for ice cream and watermelon and swimming.  I plan to enjoy the time off from a daily schedule and enjoy some of the good thangs at my house.  Y’all come visit!


About oldhwysixwest

I'm currently pursuing a PhD in accounting at LSU. I also write fiction when I can (usually 4 am).
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One Response to Hold on to Your Good Thang!

  1. LC Coon says:

    you probably have that native American voice that can do the hunh nah ha ha

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