Whatever, Martha!

Whatever happened to “Whatever, Martha!?” That was the best show ever.  In case you are not familiar with the show , it was hosted by Martha Stewart’s only child, Alexis and her friend, Jennifer.  They would review clips from some of Martha’s programs and attempt to make some of the projects.   More often than not, Jennifer would wind up with a glob of stuff hot-glued together, a closer resemblance to a kindergarten art project than whatever she was attempting.  Alexis would complete meticulously crafted pieces and often was impatient with her less crafty friend.  They both would say out loud what I was always thinking, “Are you kidding me!  Who HAS sheep shearers?”

Several weeks ago, I finally made use of a “leather look” paint kit that had been in the garage for about 3 years.  I took the kit and a white table to my sister’s house and we did it up.   A couple of things:  (1) shake the second coat of stuff, open it, stir it, close it, and shake it some more, and (2) don’t panic.  It was a hideous, purple monstrosity when we put the 2nd coat and plastic on it, but it turned out okay.  See, it’s not hideous:

Leather finish kit

So, I decided to try out another project that has been in the garage the same length of time– the magnetic paint kit.  Results not so wonderful.  It’s not magnetic and currently my room looks like this:

(non)Magnetic paint on wall

Whatever!  I may take the blue tape off and pretend it’s a portal into outer space– the one that the aliens use when they come in and steal the nail clippers or the kids’ belts.   Or I might try the chalkboard paint in the garage and see how that works out.   I am afraid to paint over it because of the domino effect that will have.  There is nothing like fresh paint on the walls to make the trim and the rest of the house look awful and in desperate need of a paint job.      A tile mosaic, perhaps? 

Well, the wall won’t fix itself.  Just FYI, My favorite episodes of “Whatever, Martha!” are the April Fool’s Day quilting episode and the one with Mickey Rooney and the homeade ice cream.  They are all so funny it’s hard to pick.  I found this one about s’mores on youtube.  Hope you enjoy it. 


About oldhwysixwest

I'm currently pursuing a PhD in accounting at LSU. I also write fiction when I can (usually 4 am).
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